Because (Why I Will Not Pretend to Love You)

by Lyris Faron

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Because you air out your soiled laundry for the world to see
Because your jokes are unoriginal, they’re all about your sexcapades
Because your mind is occupied with your eternal quest
for fulfillment or enlightenment, or answers no entity could ever know

Because you’ve got to top us off, you’ve got to be the shiniest
Because you’re not here now, your head is bowed to your cellular phone
Because you let the freaks trample all over your soul secretly wishing
they’ll fill something deep inside that was never previously full

And the night is over

Because I tried to mend your holes but you rejected my needles
Because I gave you my insides and they idled on your bedroom floor
Because I threw you a life raft but you wanted to go on drowning
down under that freezing lake your lover spoke of up in North Dakota

Because I gave you my advice and you likened it to head lice
Because I was good to you when you were to be good to all them
Because I failed at being the hero, then you forgot my birthday

Is why I will not pretend
like they do
Is why I will not pretend
to love you

You and I went wandering
You said you liked me
More than your family


released June 25, 2015



all rights reserved