Sensitive Yet Assertive

by Lyris Faron

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Recorded live in my bedroom.

Cover art by yours truly.

For my mother and sister.


released February 17, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Why Did You Give Me Your Sweater?
flicking the dirt off your sweater i noticed
i need a body to bite
i need a soul to sight
i need a smile waiting for me behind my door

why did you give me your sweater? i thought out
a hopeful lover would give their sweater away
but all summer your eyes never met my face

i'm swimming like a minnow
all under the spell of your skins
i'm sinking like a minion
all under the weight of your limbs

before you gave me your sweater you liked me
but i didn't like you
and it was much too soon
but how, how could i resist a kiss?

before it started
your like had departed
when mine had finally landed

and i found myself alone desiring alone in my bedroom
and i find myself again desiring a body in my bed
one that tells it like it is
one that doesn't play mind games with knitwear

'cause i am
swimming like a minnow
i'm sinking like a minion
all under the spell of your skins
all under the weight of your limbs
the weight of your porcelain limbs
Track Name: Selma
in a room of familiar strangers
these talking heads, they flirt with danger
they are under the impression
that she has forgotten
but her flesh has yet to reach the mahogany coffin

her memory is simply buried within
repressed visions of the lies that she lived in
dreams of the big city, replaced with picket fencing
reveal of crooking husband when his will was given in

at least she touches me
at least she winks at me
at least she seems to sense that i am here

a little love is finally free
a little love is a-finally liberated
a little love is a-finally free
a little love
is floating above
our talking heads