"Kingdom Kid"​/​"​(​Everything About You is Just) Okay"

by lurs fern

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All music, recording, and art completed by lurs fern in her bedroom.


released February 23, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Kingdom Kid
Do you believe in God?
Because I dropped out of Hebrew school
Congratulations your hair's purple
I still don't consider you cool

'Cause you never tasted pepper
You've only consumed cinnamon
And I'm not your kingdom kid

You're knocking your shit everywhere
Expecting me to pick it up, well I don't
You're dangling your cross in my face
Expecting me to get one too, well I don't

'Cause you never broke curfew
You've always been as benign as muffin
And I'm not your kingdom kid

I sent a lengthy letter to
A boy I more than like
Consisting of eternal affections
Though he is an acquaintance
And after I sent it I realized I revealed
Much too much
And I'd give him the
Heebie jeebies
I was operating on the principle that honesty is the best policy
But truthfully, I should've confined it all to my diary
'Cause he'll think I am a freak instead of a normal, passionate lover
And holy shit, this time I've really ruined everything forever

But I'd forgotten to put a stamp on it and the letter was returned to me
So I think there may be a God

Should I revise my theories?
Does he exist actually?
Could I be a kingdom kid?
Track Name: (Everything About You is Just) Okay
I try to look on the bright side
I've got a family and a home
And if I wanted I could buy some peanut butter
But I don't have a lover

You saw me there in the corner
Where I was thinking by myself
And I was sinking by myself
Until you came over and your introduced yourself

And I thought, "Hey,
Everything about you is just okay.
You are remarkably unremarkable,
But looking around the room,
You're the one that's gonna have to do."

Could I be settling?
I am more often attracted to exciting musicians
But to find a boy who asks about me is quite refreshing
And all my punchlines are going right over your head
(Yet) you are telling me how much you admire Weird Al Yankovic
I am telling me "You don't light my fire," upon this brown futon

Everything about you is just okay
You are remarkably unremarkable
Kissing you will not be electric
But for tonight you'll have to do the trick

You might be pasty
But I've been lonely
You might be boring
But I've been crying
And just for tonight
I'll take your clammy hand in mine